Do you know 11 ways of hair loss prevention

People nowadays are very much concerned about hair loss prevention. Healthy, beautiful and shiny hair is every woman’s dream but when this hair starts to fall out this dream becomes a nightmare for anyone.

This hair loss, falling or falling out also has some effect on our daily life. It doesn’t hurt to lose hair but it breaks the mind.

Excessive hair loss also causes embarrassment. In the case of boys, baldness is seen at a young age. According to beauty experts, it is normal to lose 100 hairs every day. If it is more than that, we can identify it as hair loss problem.

Why does hair fall out?

Hair loss can be due to a number of reasons such as lack of adequate nutrition in the hair, excessive use of various chemicals to enhance the beauty of the hair (color or treatment), inadequate and unhealthy eating habits, hormonal (thyroid) imbalance, excessive medication, dandruff and skin problems. Many times anxiety or stress can also cause hair loss.

11 ways of hair loss prevention

1. Use a thick and wide tooth comb to loosen hair. It reduces the tendency to tear hair. You can then comb or comb your hair with a normal thin tooth comb. This can help you in your hair loss prevention.

2. Stop combing wet hair. When the hair is wet, the roots of the hair remain soft. So if you comb, the hair is more likely to grow or tear. Comb when hair is dry or slightly wet.

3. Many people have a habit of rubbing their wet hair extra with a towel. There is also a tendency to wipe the hair with a towel like a furniture sweeper. Problems like split ends, hair breakage etc. occur in such a habit. Give up all these bad habits for hair loss prevention.

4. Clean your comb regularly. The comb gets dirty quickly with daily use. So clean it with soap, water and brush. Unclean comb use is also a cause of hair loss. It can be easily cleaned every day while bathing or shampooing.

5. An easy and effective way to reduce hair loss is to massage warm oil into the hair follicles. The use of oil in hair care has been a common and common practice in the subcontinent since time immemorial.

Coconut, olive, almond, mustard, etc. oils have been used in hair care for ages. Regular massage of warm oil at the base of the hair will increase blood circulation to the scalp, remove dead skin cells and dandruff and help new hair to grow. This effective way is very helpful for hair loss prevention.

Heat the oil lightly and massage the whole head in a circular motion with the help of fingers or cotton balls. Wait a few hours or overnight, then shampoo.

It is better not to go out of the house when the hair is oiled, because the oil attracts more dust and dirt. This can lead to dandruff, which will increase the amount of hair loss.

6. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfate, silicone or parabens. This type of material damages the scalp, leaving the hair rough, dry and dirty. Hair becomes brittle and lifeless, resulting in accelerated hair loss.

7. Hair should be cleaned with shampoo every at least three days, otherwise dust, dirt, oil can accumulate on the skin and cause germs, dandruff can occur. Always keep the scalp clean and tidy.

8. Stop using extra hair treatments and chemicals in hair care. Frequent hair color changes, hair irons, blow dyes, etc. result in more hair loss.

9. There is a common superstition – “If the roots of the hair are tied tightly, the hair grows”. The idea is wrong. If you always braid or comb your hair, the hair follicles will weaken. It is better not to tie the hair tightly with rubber or elastic band. Hair will fall out less.

10. One of the medicinal ways to grow new hair is to use onions. Onion juice is very effective for hair loss prevention. Apply a few onion juices on the scalp with the help of cotton. Rinse after 30 minutes. Use at least once a week, you will get result.

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  • October 1, 2021 at 7:05 pm

    Too many have no idea that scalp therapy shampoos for fast hair growth (of course with no sulfates, no parabens and no DEA) are a thing. We all are now able to have longer hair and possess more options. Definitely worth exploring.

    Whether you’re looking into hair loss, damaged hair, preventing skin disorders, hair growth, hair health at large, almost the same principles apply.

    As a general rule, you will want to avoid hair products and treatments that contain chemicals like parabens, DEA or sulfates.

    What is good for your hair is good for your skin all the same.

    Obviously the content on this page is so accurate for multiple reasons. It stays away from the common errors and mistakes too many fall into- utilizing defective alternatives. Thank you so much!


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