The new variant of Coronavirus is spreading

The new variant of Coronavirus ‘Omicron’ is spreading panic all over the world, find out the details

A new form of the corona virus found in South Africa has begun to spread around the world. The World Health Organization has named it ‘Omicron’. After Delta, this variant of Corona has been dubbed as ‘Virus of Concern’. The WHO warns the public that the B1.1.529 variant is more dangerous than the Delta variant because of its ability to spread infections quickly.

After being detected in South Africa, this new form of corona has been reported from many other countries. Let’s find out, details about this new variant.

What is Omicron variant? 

Omicron is a Greek word. According to experts, Omicron has changed the gene pattern at least 50 times and the character of the spike protein 32 times. It is highly contagious. Experts believe that in the future, more records of spike protein synthesis may be created and the corona virus may become more dangerous.

How dangerous is the new variant?

According to the World Health Organization, Omicron has the potential of reinfection compared to other infectious variants. Once infected with this variant, it is more likely to be infected again. It spreads quickly.

This can be dangerous even for those who have taken two doses of Covid vaccine. According to experts, this new form is more contagious and it is also effective in overcoming immunity quickly.

Scientists say that the spike of B.1.1.529 carries a high number of mutations in the protein, which plays a major role in the entry of the virus into the cells of the body.

A number of countries around the world have taken extra precautions after finding traces of the new variant B.1.1.529. Many countries have already cut off flights from South Africa and imposed restrictions on health care.


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