Give up six bad havits to keep your strong teeth

Who doesn’t like strong teeth! One cheek hides behind a sweet smile but this row of teeth. Teeth are an essential part of the body, helping to improve digestion.

However, due to some of our bad habits, our teeth and gums are severely damaged. This can lead to a variety of problems such as tooth decay, cavities, weakened base of teeth, premature tooth loss, loss of tooth setting and bleeding gums. So to take proper care of your teeth, give up these 6 bad habits now.

1) Brushing too hard on teeth and gums

Brushing too hard damages both teeth and gums. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), using a stiff toothbrush or brushing too hard can damage teeth and gums. Therefore, experts recommend using a soft toothbrush and brushing gently to keep strong teeth.

2) Cut nails with teeth

Many people cut their nails with their teeth due to stress, nervousness, anxiety or natural causes. However, the practice of cutting nails with these teeth is extremely harmful to dental health. According to the ADA, cutting nails in the teeth can lead to jaw dysfunction. It can also damage your strong teeth. To prevent this habit, you can apply nail polish on your nails.

3) Chewing ice

Many of us love to chew ice, or chew the rest of the ice in a glass after a cold drink. You may not know about it. It can cause serious damage to teeth. Chewing ice can damage tooth enamel or the protective layer.

4) Grinding teeth

Many people have the habit of grinding their teeth. This especially happens in the subconscious mind. This can lead to severe damage to your strong teeth. In addition, pain in the gums or movement of the jaw can be happened.

5) Refrain from using tobacco

Tobacco or use of cigarette is extremely harmful to the health of teeth and gums. Use of tobacco increases the risk of gum disease, bad breath, dry mouth, tooth decay and oral cancer.

6) Finger sucking

This habit is more noticeable in children. Finger sucking is good for children, but even after the age of five, this habit can lead to serious dental problems. This habit can cause tooth decay. So, this habit should be avoided to keep your strong teeth.

6) Use a toothpick

Many people have a habit of using toothpicks after eating. Many people prefer to clean their teeth with toothpicks, especially when food is stuck between their teeth. But do you know how harmful the use of this toothpick is in the case of teeth? The use of toothpicks damages the teeth as well as the gums.



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